Chaplain's Chat

Chaplain's Chat

Selected writings from 'The Corfiot'; Corfu's English Language monthly magazine

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-01-23 )

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How do you engage the interest of people in Christianity when one might assume the majority of folk are not initially interested? That was the challenge that Clifford Owen faced in 2002 as he sat down to write articles for the then English Language magazine in Corfu, Greece (The Corfiot) The Corfiot was not a church magazine. It was a general interest journal to help ex-pats. find their way in settling into a new life in a strange country. The magazine helped them with language, money, geography, property, problems, and all the stuff of life in a new environment. The magazine also found its way to some of the many thousands of tourists who come to the island every year. So Clifford Owen had to aim differently from the usual in-house church magazine articles Each month he chose a topic, partly at random, partly on current news; often about Greek festivals and life on the island. He tried to come over as a human being enduring the same heat, language problems, and mosquito bites as everyone else! Chaplain's Chat is a selection of about half of the articles written over a six year period. At least one of them will be of interest to you!

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