Christianity in a Cosmopolitan City

Christianity in a Cosmopolitan City

Overcoming Xenophobia and Racism in the light of the Bible

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-05-18 )

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If Christianity is a communion of believers in Jesus Christ who is the Saviour of humanity, therefore all nations of the world are to gather as one in his majestic name, sharing in one faith in cultural pluralistic settings. In this book, the author looks how Christianity can play a greater role in resolving the problems of tribalism, xenophobia and racism that arise in secularized cosmopolitan cities. World cities are no longer homogeneous and with the phenomenon of globalization and the social, economic and political situation of the world, people are forever on the move. One cannot imagine a city lived by one tribe or by the citizens of one country only or even a city that speaks one and only one language. As a Christian and pastoral minister, the author wants to preach the Good News of salvation, spreading the Gospel of love, unity, justice and peace, respect and dignity of human life. What do we do as christians in order to eradicate in the light of the Bible the evils of tribalism, xenophobia and racism? Can the Bible give us practical answers to the vices brought by modernity and secularism in our cosmopolitan cities? Explore with the author this exciting journey of faith.

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Jean-Marie Kuzituka Did'Ho

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Religion / Theology