Understanding the New Creation

Understanding the New Creation

A profound teaching on the supernatural life of the believer in Christ and how to manifest it

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-07-27 )

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Ignorance makes a son to live like a slave in his father's house. Ignorance strips a man of his rights and privileges and reduces him to a “nobody” where he ought to be honored and celebrated. Ignorance makes a man to feel inferior. Ignorance of who the believer in Christ really is has made many Christians to be demon-conscious, demon-scared and worldly minded. It has made many Christians not to be proud of their identity as Christians. This book is written to bring light and destroy ignorance. It is written to restore the dignity of the Christian and destroy every inferiority complex. It is sure to edify, strengthen faith and change the mentality of every reader. In this book we are going to see from the scripture what God teaches about the person who has given his life to Christ, what happened to his spirit, why we are not manifesting the nature of God after being born-again, and how we can manifest it.

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Sylvester Onyemalechi

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