The Gospel, Christians and Babylon

The Gospel, Christians and Babylon

Christianity as it was and is today!

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-06-11 )

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This book is written in simple layman's terms so that the ordinary people can understand today's happenings inside Christianity. Most mature Christians can identify with the Biblical explanations given in this book. Today's multitude of denominations in Christianity can be confusing to someone who has not heard the right explanation. The Roman Catholic Church has been in a fallen condition for centuries and has resisted all reform and Reformers. Protestants have given up protesting against the mother-church and are ready to go back home to her. Rome will never change, but her daughters have changed, and are still compromising their original beliefs. Bible Prophecy indicates a coming New World Order where the Christian religion will play a major part. The author of this book has been a Roman Catholic, a Protestant and an Evangelical and has experienced and understands all three of them. Spiritual Babel stands for confusion and has lost the favor of God and also His Holy Spirit. God is calling His people out of the fallen churches. You do not want to be found among them when God's final wrath is poured out. Ahead of us is a time of trouble such as never was nor ever will be. Dan12

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Rolf Vaessen

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