The Fallen "sons" of God

The Fallen "sons" of God

I was a lost addicted failure, until my higher power saved me. Now, "Today" I walk in freedom

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-08-19 )

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In fact, my younger brother died right in front of me from the same hopeless addictive trap and spiritual slavery I was in. I tried desperately for years to control my own life, but ended up losing everything and nearly dying and going to prison. Unfortunately, the only thing I could do successfully was destroy everything precious in my life and abuse everyone else around me. I was able to hide my dark secrets for years, until finally everything finally shattered into tiny embarrassing pieces for the whole world to see. I want to give my testimony to whomever will listen, about how my God and Savior rescued me from a living Hell. I was walking in spiritual death and headed straight for eternal destruction. I was addicted to Hell itself. I hope to testify of the immeasurable love and mercy of my God, which is available to anyone who will come to him and believe.

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W. Levi Price

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