Marital Polutions Sanitized

Marital Polutions Sanitized

Obtain peace in marriage

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2013-07-28 )

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Marital Pollutions sanitized is an epic piece addressing the challenges marriages face with the perfect tools to a lasting breakthrough out the burdens that exist in our homes. Despite all the variances in terms of race, education, wealth, religion, fame, culture and status all have a common denominator, the pollutants are the same. The wiles of the Devil are always around the corner of every relationship trying to find it's way in, after reading this book with the guidance of the Spirit, you will not only unravel the obstacles and obtain lasting peace for your marriage but it will equally equip you to help friends and family members in similar situations. God originally made marriage beautiful and filled with unending splendor as long as the couples live, why the nerve-racking marriages, leading to the outrageous divorce rates all around the world, this book gives you the exact insight on how to conquer, and make your marriage work.

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Daniel Oben

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Religion / Theology