Caribbean Theological Insights

Caribbean Theological Insights

Exploring Theological Themes Within The Context Of The Caribbean Region

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2014-06-03 )

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In every region of the world God is experienced in unique ways. In some contexts, for example Latin America, it is meaningful to refer to God as liberator. In others the emphasis is upon God as healer. Originating within countries of the North, particularly among feminist theologians, has been the debate as to whether more feminine attributes than male ones must be associated with the Supreme Being. In the latter part of the twentieth century and even now within the twenty-first century, God as emancipator has been the most dominant concept espoused by Caribbean theologians. However, there are other theological insights being considered, including those that have been affected by poverty and ongoing global economic concerns. This book on Caribbean Theological Insights gives focus to how concepts of God have been fashioned by oral culture - a culture that has been influenced by that of Africa. Indigenous music, including reggae and calypso, has had its effect upon the way theologians of the region conceive of God. One of the suggestions contained in this book is whether Christ, in the garb of a calypsonian, offers a more meaningful picture of God. Let the reader decide!

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George Mulrain

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