The Secular Script

The Secular Script

Understanding and Responding to the New Atheism

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2014-06-04 )

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There is a relentless script around in society. This suggests that religion is outmoded superstition and a true scientist has no room for faith. The celebrated 'New Atheists' such as Richard Dawkins have popularised this eloquently. However, their science might be sound, but their philosophy is not. Their understanding of religion is superficial and prejudiced. They do not appreciate the vast centuries of study, reflection and debate in theology, or faith's foundations for the origin of the scientific method, the very idea that there is order in the universe. They work on the assumption that what can be measured empirically is all that exists. Life is not so simple. Their 'secular script' is explained, its logic revealed and then it is dissected and challenged at several points. It is possible to be intelligent, informed and to be a believer. The resurrection of Jesus is not the same as appearances of Elvis or fairies at the bottom of the garden. it is the stuff of history, of life changing experiences and spiritual revelation.

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Kevin O'Donnell

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Religion / Theology