Good Morning God

Good Morning God

God Speaks: When You Pray

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2014-06-13 )

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Good Morning God: One of author's book that deals with communication with our living God. The author is putting plan that true prayer is: Two ways traffic: Where God is speaking while you are praying. Author is telling through experience as what happened in a thick and dark forest when God spoke to him to go and start the mission in his birth of place: The place he thought that his people would never respond. Nevertheless, he listened and obeyed as God commanded. As the results: After a long walk through the dangerous African jungles he encountered trials and tribulations at the early years of his most challenging mission. However, God mastered all and he founded the very first church in his home village: Thereafter: Equipped the first saints to emerge into the ministry of planting churches in various villages and cities of their nation. Today: The author is ministering in the nations of various continent. In his seminars: He speaks simply of how hearing from God is as important as talking to Him. The book you are about to read will take you all the way: Africa - Europe - America - as you will see from first hand information: That God is alive and He speaks today. The book you need

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Nixon Issangya

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