Church Administration

Church Administration

The Matrix of Planning, the Art of Executing and the Intrigues

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2023-04-10 )

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This book was written from the vast wealth of experience of the authors. It addresses the basic but confounding issues in church administration like decision making and implementation in the context of scarcity of resources. The authors make use of economic and public administration registers looking at how the administrative man satisfices and the economic man maximizes also using the principles of PODSCORB. The last part of the book discusses planning as a strategy for evangelism and church growth. The authors strongly believe that power grows in part when delegated. Based on this, they advise church administrators to always delegate responsibilities to their subordinates. A word of caution: in administration, those who have delegated powers do not have the authority to re-delegate it to another. Accordingly, as priests, our powers are delegated to us by our Lord Jesus Christ to feed the sheep. Yielding the pulpit to the laity is insubordination to Christ.

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Terna Akambe Nenge
Olasehinde Isaac Ifedayo

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