Anthropology in Cameroon

Anthropology in Cameroon

Religion Among the Esu People

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-09-06 )

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The idea in this study is to project that the Religion of Africans is at the verge of disappearing from the surface of the earth because of modernism and the oncoming of new teachings and doctrines. The changes are not only taking place in Esu but also among other human habitations. In effect, the religion of the Esu people is under the pressure of acculturation. What is at risk here is not only the religion itself but also the culture of the people. Religious practices which actually enabled the people to follow the virtues of the traditional happenings in the community from day to day and from one season to the next are being compromised. Once a person reached the pinnacle of the religion, the individual became a gate-keeper of the tradition. In their struggle to explain the place of religion in human life, the gate-keepers end up accepting that the human being is not satisfied with the good received in life and safety from dangers until someone takes tributes for the manifestations. The Supreme Being could be made empirical. Wherever the sacred experience occurs, there is the likelihood that the gods are mobilized.

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