Systematic Exposition of Philippians

Systematic Exposition of Philippians

Joy Epistle

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-08-30 )

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The central theme of this book is "the joy of the Lord". The book exposes four outstanding kinds of mind, viz.: The single mind, submissive mind, spiritual mind and secure mind. The single mind facilitates the total obedience, fellowship, furtherance and faith in the gospel. The submissive mind calls for total submission to the will of God in all ramifications. The spiritual mind enables a Christian to live and walk in the Spirit and not in carnality. And the secure mind establishes and roots God's peace, power and providence in the life of a Christian. These four types of mind give one the needed joy when well applied. This book emphasizes that Christians' joy is not meant to be a selfish thing; it must be expressed in glorifying Christ and helping others - Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last; and the outcome of this is the real JOY, which is the desire of every sane person. Man's genuine joy is strongly dependent on God - His word and the Holy Spirit. Since God is the ultimate Giver of life and joy, everyone should therefore acknowledge Him in everything and circumstance above all else.

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Rev. Silas Tom Silas

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