Power of Knowledge

Power of Knowledge

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-11-07 )

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This book is showcasing the Power of Knowledge. Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world. It is not money, arms, or ammunition. Knowledge gives us the power to conquer the world. Knowledge distinguishes between humans and animals. Although humans are weaker than animals in terms of physical strength, they have become the most powerful creatures due to the application of knowledge. Humans get their power from knowledge, not physical strength. When knowledge is sufficient, correct, and applied to the letter you can carry out great exploits. You walk in dominion. Otherwise, in this Kingdom, you pay for your ignorance. You will pay for it in sickness, untimely death, lack of joy, sorrow, poverty, or divorce. Many people fail in life for lack of knowledge and not because of the devil or for lacking prayer. This is to tell you that apart from prayers, you overcome in life when you have sufficient knowledge. Knowledge is power. Even when you are employed, it is the knowledge that you have that determines how much you will be paid. When you have the knowledge you can know where money hides. Money hides in people. If you solve their problems that can make you wealthy.

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Dr. Joseph C. Pessa

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Religion / Theology