The Honor System

The Honor System

Understanding the Role of Honor in Relationships

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-10-11 )

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“THE HONOR SYSTEM” is a piece of work that is born out of the need to bring clarity to the subjection of Honor considering the vital role it plays in relationships. The greatest assignment of every believer, minister, or worker in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ is that of preaching the gospel that men will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, it becomes a challenge when the subject of Honor which greatly affects the flow of the spirit and those that practice it or not is not understood. Hence, this book deals primarily with understanding the subject matter of Honor especially the benefits it exposes those who practice it to. Not only that, but the books also deal with addressing the concept of honor in detail, those we are to honor, how we are to honor and the possible effects of dishonor. The book closes by looking at how we can honor easily. It is a timely material and contains a lot worth reading by all.

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Rene Ntoko Ntonga

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Religion / Theology