After you are born again

After you are born again

A manual for discipling new converts

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-10-13 )

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The word "born again" has received multiple interpretation from different group of persons. To some it represents the name of a group of church goers they refer to as "born again churches". To others, they feel it's a basis of discrimination amongst people. However, the way people see the word does not defeat the true meaning of the word. The word "born again" was first used by Jesus of Nazareth who is the Christ. This word "born again" is used differently by other writers of the scriptures. John in his account of the humanity of Jesus told us of the famous meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus (JOHN 3). In that famous meeting, the word “born again” was introduced. The question we should be asking at this point should be what did he mean by being born again? John 3 from verses 3 through to verse 19 explain to us what being born again means. Nevertheless, the word born again to Paul is the word Salvation. So being born again is being save or accepting Jesus' finished work (ROMANS 10:9-10). So, a born-again person is one who has accepted Jesus as the Lord of his/her life.

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