Healing is yours in Christ

Healing is yours in Christ

Eight Things Worth Knowing About Healing

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2022-10-18 )

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“HEALING IS YOUR IN CHRIST: Eight Things Worth Noting About Healing” is a piece of work that is born out of the need to bring clarity to the subjection of Healing considering how important the healing ministry is to the body of Christ and to the world at large. The greatest assignment of every believer, minister, or worker in the vineyard of the Lord Jesus Christ is that of preaching the gospel that men will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, it becomes a challenge when the subject of Healing is not understood by most people and the believer to the extent that ministering healing and receiving healing is almost impossible for many. Hence, this book deals primarily with understanding the subject matter of Healing thereby communicating to the reader the unlimited possibility of receiving healing for themselves and ministering healing to others. To that effect, this book focuses on revealing eight major things that makes healing possible and accessible. The book is timely and contains a lot worth reading by all.

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Rene Ntoko Ntonga

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Religion / Theology