Rising from the claws of ashes and poverty to limelight and fame

Rising from the claws of ashes and poverty to limelight and fame

The memoir of Sipho Johnson Tibane

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2023-10-26 )

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This master piece of manuscript is about a narrative of the life and times of Sipho Johnson Tibane and the family. The book attempt to relate his origins from the humble beginnings at Esperado Farm (Revolver Creek) in the City of Mbombela in 1976. In this memoir, the author shares his experiences in growing up and how his parents and relatives played a massive role in shaping up his upbringing that impacted his life until this very day. The book contains number of pictures that are relating the story of his life, close people, families, friends and the different areas that he has once inhabited due to the course of life at the time. Predominantly, the author grew up in Mpumalanga Province in his early years of life and relocated to KwaZulu-Natal for his tertiary education and later worked in the same Province and returned back to Mpumalanga in 2009.

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Sipho J Tibane

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