Dealing with Christian Marriages and the African Dowry Process

Dealing with Christian Marriages and the African Dowry Process

African Christian Marriage

Blessed Hope Publishing ( 2023-10-31 )

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A commonly accepted definition of marriage is a formal union, a social and legal contract between two individuals that unite their lives legally, economically, and emotionally. When a believing husband and wife institute God’s principles of marriage, a solid, healthy marriage results. The biblical/ Christian marriage involves oneness between them and pictures the oneness of Christ with His Church. The primary purpose of marriage we can say: The primary reason marriage is significant to God is that it is part of His ordained plan to provide the world with a picture of His love for men and women. Marriage becomes the means for married couples to demonstrate their love for God. Rische writes, “The home is a lighthouse with the lamp of God on the table and the light of Christ in the window, to guide those who wander in darkness.” The great teacher Evans also says, “Home should be a place of mutual responsibility and respect, of encouragement and cooperation and counsel, of integrity, of willingness to work, of discipline when necessary, with the tempering quality of love added to it, with a sense of belonging, and with someone to talk to.”

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