Reading the gospel of Mark

for those reading Mark for the first time

Gino Bai - ISBN: 978-620-4-18793-8

€ 26,90

The path of Francis with sister illness

Holistic reading of the path of Francis through his symptoms and illnesses

Gino Bai - ISBN: 978-620-4-18802-7

€ 26,90

From the ash heap of poverty to purpose and significance

The motivational life of Sipho Tibane and family

Sipho Tibane - ISBN: 978-620-4-18772-3

€ 24,90

The Mysteries of the Kingdom Revealed

Alain MATHO TSHIKU - ISBN: 978-620-4-18797-6

€ 53,90

Character of the African Initiated Churches (AICs) in DR Congo

A Case Study of Theological Agenda of the Kimbanguist Church

Jean-Baptiste Nkulu Mwenze - ISBN: 978-620-4-18792-1

€ 24,90

Compiling a winning business plan for a church

The case of Fountain Family Bible Church, White River

Sipho J Tibane - ISBN: 978-620-4-18798-3

€ 26,90



RUTH ROTICH - ISBN: 978-620-4-18788-4

€ 24,90

Reasons and Causes of Church Schism Among the Chins in Myanmar

A Historical-Theological Perspective

Lal Tin Hre - ISBN: 978-620-4-18790-7

€ 35,90

The choice of life

Euthanasia and its alternatives

Krzysztof Trębski - ISBN: 978-620-4-18787-7

€ 35,90